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The MERX Advantage

Have you had enough of cookie-cutter assessments? If you have a sound plan, but need smart purpose-fit funding to make it happen, talk to us today! Get the help you need from experienced experts in business and property finance.


Secure the total funding required for your project and draw down in stages when you need to


We’ll let you know fast – typically within three working days from application. Complex applications may take longer.


Interest rates and structure tailored to your requirements. Adjustable terms and principle repayment options.


Terms from three to thirty six months (longer terms available on consideration)

Do you require property or business finance without complicated red-tape and unnecessary delays? Contact one of our Merx experts for a complimentary consultation.

How it Works

Complete your Online Application

Fill out your details through our simple online application and submit.

Get Approval

We’ll follow up often within the same day and let you know if everything is a-ok.

Receive Your Funds

Once approved your loan will be available to drawdown upon.

Tailored Loans to Suit Your Needs

We believe no one loan suits them all, we will tailor to your specific needs and requirements and help you get started on your venture as quick and stress free as possible.

Property finance for the finish line.

Top-up finance for property development can be hard to secure through the banks – unless you’re one of the “big-guys”. Not at Merx. We work with property investors and developers who have a sound project that needs well-structured funding to cross the finish line.

Business finance that moves you forward.

There are countless Kiwi businesses who have solid plans for growth, but lack the capital to make it happen. We’re experts in spotting good business sense, and help our clients with fast funding to make growth opportunities a reality. If you have plans for growth, talk to a decision maker today


Do you have plans to grow your business but lack the capital to make it happen? Find out if Merx can help.



If you have a property project on your books that needs the financial legs to reach the finish line, talk to Merx.

Answers to Common FAQs

  • Income. We will assess your income and/or potential income from the capital investment, project or property you are looking to finance. We can tailor our loans for specific payment terms and duration and will work with you to craft a solution that fits with your requirements.
  • Business Plan. If you have a sound plan and we can analyse the future cash flow as a result of the finance being provided, whether it be business income or property related income we will work with you to provide a tailored finance solution.
  • Investment Capital. Do you need additional investment capital to get your project across the line, or perhaps bridging finance to secure that property you're looking at, while financing a property you may be looking to sell? Perhaps you need to finish your renovations and need additional finance to get them across the line? Merx can help.
  • Credit history. If you have a sound track record of delivering on your business or property investments we are happy to work with you in providing tailor made funding to fill the gaps in your finance requirements.
  • Loan security. If we require security for the finance being provided, we will assess the value of your property or business and the future cashflows being derived and arrive at a tailored solution to suit your timeframe.
  • Assets, debts and expenses. We will work with you to assess the likelihood of your project or property resulting in adequate future cashflow to finance any loans being provided based on your assets, debts and expenses. Further, as experienced experts in business and property Merx can act as a sounding board as part of your application assessment and we will consider future cash flows as a result of the finance we provide.
  • Age and residency. You will need to be over the age of 18 and either a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

The length of time it takes to get approval will depend upon the complexity of your future cashflows as a result of the finance. If you provide us with all of the required information we can generally make an assessment within 24-48 hours. More complex arrangements may take longer, but we'll work with you and communicate direct as we assess your requirements.

Yes, information you provide to us is strictly confidential and retained in a secure database.

Merx prides itself on flexibility and the ability to tailor finance to meet your specific requirements, including timeframes and amounts. If you can demonstrate a sound plan and your ability to repay the finance provided we are happy to assess your requirements and structure funding to meet your specific needs.

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