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Fit-for-purpose property finance for professional investors and developers

We Lend. You Build.

If you have a property project on your books that needs the financial legs to reach the finish line, talk to Merx. We’re a lender, like the banks, but the similarity ends there. If you have a good project with sound feasibility, and the drive to see it through, we’d like to see how we can help.


Secure the total funding required for your project and draw down in stages when you need to


Merx is dedicated to provide you, the client with exceptional service.


Our team have been in the industry for over 20 years providing tailored finance solutions.

Need property finance? - Merx can see you through to the finish.

Have a new property project?  Near completion? Completing? Contact us today to get it over the line without the red-tape and a hassle free experience.

VIP Property Finance for Small and Medium Projects

Property developers and professional investors often need additional finance to complete a project, but can get tied up in red-tape for weeks, waiting for an answer from their bank. Not at Merx. We’re senior lenders – our experience ensures not only a fast answer, but importantly a smart structure that works with your project needs. We approach finance as a tool for success, not debt – it’s our role to offer funding that best supports your financial goals, whether that’s portfolio equity or project profit. We’re the decision-makers. Business person to business person, we talk, we get some numbers and we get behind your success with our own funding. Think of us as your lending-peer.

Here's How It Works


Apply online in less than 10 minutes with our simple intuitive forms, or give us a call us on 0800 123 456.


We’ll follow up often within the same day and let you know if everything is a-ok and we have what is required.


Once approved your loan will be available to draw down upon. This can be often as quick as one day.

“We help people with a solid plan who need property finance to complete their projects – for all sorts of reasons”

Here's How We Work

We use our extensive experience in business funding to get the loan your business needs to thrive – You get a personalised loan consultant from start to finish.

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