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Let’s take the red-tape off that opportunity.

We get it. Bad finance isn’t good for anyone.

We get it. Bad finance (or ‘dumb debt’ as we put it) isn’t good for anyone – for the lender or for the business.

Through our experience and working with many New Zealand businesses, we know that there are countless good, sound, and well considered ideas, projects and expansions that deserve a little more lateral thinking and support than is often not afforded them.

Which is what drives Merx. We’ve been working in Business Finance for over 15 years, and have been lending direct to clients for over five. We couple our focus on providing purpose-fit finance, with our ability to spot and assess a sound property project or business growth plan, to deliver funding resources that make goals a reality.

If you’re seeking a finance provider who is an expert in spotting sound business or property plans, and happy to invest in creating more New Zealand success stories, contact Merx today.

Looking for a finance provider to bring your dreams into reality?


Our focus is to provide a customized, finance solution that works for you.

We spend time to understand your requirements, your business or property needs. As opposed to being policy driven like most banks, we use common sense approaches to engage and analyse your requirements so we can put together a suitable package that meets your requirements. If you require funding to get your project across the finish line Merx can assess your project and likelihood of success to tailor a package that works for you.

If you’re seeking a finance provider who is an expert in spotting sound business or property plans, we are happy to finance your requirements to help in the creation of more New Zealand success stories. Contact Merx today!


What do we stand for?

Merx stands for tailored finance and structured solutions for your business or property needs. Get your projects across the line with the help of Merx finance professionals.


Share you strategy with Merx so we can structure finance for your requirements.


Show us a sound plan and we'll tailor a custom built solution to help you achieve your plan.


Co-ordinate and structure your finance to sync with your cashflow and timeframe.

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