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This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Merx Wholesale 1 PIE Trust, and we are pleased to reflect on the remarkable journey so far.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Merx Wholesale 1 PIE Trust, and we are pleased to reflect on the remarkable journey so far. 

Launched with the aim to create a debt fund we’d invest in ourselves, we have since broadened our investor pool to 28, provided vital funding to 13 businesses, and delivered net returns averaging over 17% p.a. – all without losing a cent. 

We couldn’t have achieved this slow and steady growth without a strong network of partners like you. If you know someone who fits the wholesale qualifying criteria and is looking for a robust investment opportunity, please feel free to pass along our information. We will be happy to discuss how they can join us on this journey. 

In the meantime, we continue to help good business owners and property developers take their projects to the finish line. This month’s client success stories are just two recent examples. Get in touch if you have any questions. 


Client Scenario: This client, a business owner, was looking at undertaking a property development project alongside their regular business operations. The project entailed refurbishing and subdividing an investment property in their portfolio. To be able to proceed, they needed to release some of the equity tied up in their existing business. However, the bank was hesitant to help them due to the hybrid nature of the funding request, involving both a business and a property scenario. Looking for a more flexible approach and faster outcome, the client contacted us. 

Merx Solution: After assessing the whole picture from a hybrid business/property standpoint, we were able to provide a $400k loan, secured by both their business assets and a second mortgage on their owner-occupier property. This gave them the necessary funds to complete their property development projects, with flexible repayment options: either through proceeds from the completed project or over time, via ongoing business cashflow. 


Client Scenario: This construction business owner was recovering from a tough financial year and needed working capital to fund growth. However, due to a couple of bad contracts and the generally cautious approach banks are taking with the construction sector, they were unable to secure a loan through mainstream channels. 

Merx Solution: Acknowledging the potential for growth and the temporary nature of the client’s financial challenges, we provided a $350k loan to support their working capital needs. This loan was secured by the business’s own assets and a second mortgage over their investment properties. Thanks to this funding, the client was able to get back on track and capitalise on new opportunities.

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