Partnering for growth in challenging times

These challenging times can be particularly tough for business owners and property professionals. However, even in a constrained credit environment, there are opportunities for growth.
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Why did this client need our funding: Property investor undertaking a renovation project needed funds to complete their project and add value to their property. The bank was taking too long to provide support.

Amount: $150,000
Industry: Property investor
Location: Auckland
LVR: 60%
Type of security: Second mortgage over investment property behind the bank.
Path to repayment: Revalue and refinance.

Why Merx: Quick decision, hassle-free cash to help add value to their property.




Why did this client need our funding: Business owner on the growth path needed funds to support further business growth. The bank wouldn’t fund further than 65% of the value of their house and the business was growing faster than the equity in their home.

Amount: $350,000
Industry: Construction aligned – yes, a construction business on the growth path!
Location: Auckland
LVR: 75%
Type of security: Second mortgage over residential property plus general security over business assets.
Path to repayment: Continued profitable trading will see principal and interest paid monthly.

Why Merx: Pragmatic and quick credit decision, and funding with flexible payment options. We got the money moving, enabling the client to get back to growing their business.



Why did this client need our funding: Property investor seeking to purchase a new commercial investment asset – it was a “good buy.” The bank made promises but provided no certainty of approval. The client needed to get on and settle the purchase to get hold of this opportunity.

Amount: $450,000
Industry: Commercial property investment
Location: Auckland
LVR: 55%
Type of security: Suburban commercial / retail.
Path to repayment: Refurbish, re-lease, and refinance.

Why Merx: We were quick to understand the opportunity and provided an approval within a day – we know a good deal when we see it. This client just needed our fast, flexible, and simple solution to help secure the opportunity.

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