Overcoming challenges with equity release lending

Here's how we're helping businesses who are asset-rich but cash-poor escalate their opportunities for growth.
Overcoming challenges with equity release lending (1)

Tightening lending conditions has been a fairly consistent topic of late, with many borrowers finding it increasingly difficult to access the funding they need through mainstream lenders. While this is not ‘new news’, it’s posing a challenge to good business owners who are looking for funds to pivot and respond rapidly to changes.

So now more than ever, it’s important to remember that there are reliable, effective options for clients seeking finance, like Merx. From application to pay-off, we always try to apply a little lateral thinking to our clients’ circumstances and are open to discuss solutions. 

Have you recently talked with someone whose plan is sound but doesn’t fit traditional requirements? We’d like to hear from them. In the meantime, read on for an update on our latest client projects.

Equity release

Following the forced hiatus earlier this year, fresh development opportunities are starting to emerge again. However, a lack of liquidity is preventing some business owners from realising their potential, despite having equity available in their existing property portfolios.

At Merx, we know that being asset-rich but cash-poor can hinder growth plans and impede strategic moves, regardless of how sound the investment opportunity is. In the last month, we have been talking with a few clients who are finding themselves in this position, and equity release is a solution we can help them with. 

Once again, we look at clients’ circumstances as a whole – their financial situation, projected returns, and any red-tape challenges that we may be able to remove. This includes identifying opportunities where existing portfolios or projects can be used as leverage to free up liquidity for investment or diversification purposes. Equity release has been a consistent theme for us over the years, and we expect it to remain so for the foreseeable future; for our part, our team has capacity and experience to provide the required support.

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