How we help small property developers get to the finish line

At Merx, we approach finance as a tool for success, not debt. Read on to learn more.
How we help small property developers get to the finish line

As has been the case for the past 12 months, house price inflation continues to accelerate across New Zealand, with most regions reaching record median prices. The upside of this trend is that small property developments are seeing unprecedented momentum.

From a profitability standpoint, intensive townhouse development has become more feasible than it used to be, now sitting within the reach of under-the-radar developers as opposed to higher-profile operators. However, the small size of these projects can often be a barrier when trying to raise funding through traditional lenders. 

As a non-bank lender fully dedicated to small business growth, these emerging needs align well with our vision and values. The way we fund property developments is consistent with our approach to all funding proposals: we look at understanding the project to completion, and base our funding decisions on realistic criteria, such as the client’s ability to deliver on the project.

When assessing funding applications from small developers, we usually look for a demonstrated record in successful business management or operation; not necessarily a property development project. This means we can help first-timers as well, should they present us with a realistic plan.

Most importantly, we approach finance as a tool for success, not debt. Our experience and unique approach ensure not only a fast answer, but a smart structure that’s aligned with a small developer’s needs. 

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