Our last client success stories for 2023

As we reflect on the prior year and think about 2024, we look forward to helping more and more New Zealand business owners and property professionals succeed.
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With only a few days left of 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the prior year and think about 2024!

We have had a big year this year which has included continued loan growth and  the outstanding performance of our Wholesale 1 PIE Trust. And of course, we look forward to helping more and more New Zealand business owners and property professionals succeed in 2024 and beyond. 

Read on for our last client success stories for the year.


Client Scenario: This client, a savvy property investor, has spotted an opportunity to purchase a $1.3 million property in a valuable South Auckland location, with development potential. They plan to reposition and redevelop the property with the addition of new units, before reselling it for a good profit margin. However, with loan servicing and repayment coming from the property project, traditional lenders are reluctant to provide the necessary funding.

Merx Solution: Following our assessment, we recognised the potential of the client’s project and stepped in with a tailored solution. We decided to help with a first-mortgage loan at 80% of the purchase including a GST facility. The funding, secured by a first mortgage on the client’s property, will enable this investor to move forward with their plans and generate substantial returns. 


Client Scenario: Another seasoned property investor had identified a new property opportunity in the market. They required $200,000 to fund the deposit and preliminary development work, but their bank couldn’t help. After weeks of waiting for an answer that didn’t come, the client needed an alternative.

Merx Solution: Understanding the urgency and potential of the client’s plan, we were able to provide a swift approval. Using the investor’s existing property portfolio as security, we issued a $200,000 second-mortgage loan, to be repaid in six months. This gave our client the capacity to access the equity tied up in their investment portfolio and pursue the new property opportunity. 

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