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As we dive into the new year, we're excited about the possibilities ahead. Check out some recent client scenarios that highlight our innovative solutions.
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We hope you’re enjoying a positive start to 2024.

As the business year gets back into full swing, we’re looking forward to exploring the opportunities ahead. While the economy has been challenging, and there will no doubt be pressures in the coming year, we’re anticipating a more positive environment and welcome new opportunities where we can leverage our expertise to support clients.

And on that note, below you’ll find two recent client scenarios – interesting examples that highlight our innovative solutions.

As always, when working with business owners or property professionals in need of strategic funding, we’re here to help.


Client Scenario: This is a great example of hard-working Kiwis identifying an opportunity to create value and get ahead. A small property developer was underway with a development that would, on completion and sale, reduce their overall level of debt. It was a smart plan where our client had subdivided an existing property to create two sections and commenced building a new house for sale. They had started the project using existing mortgage funding from their bank and their savings but needed finance to reach the finish line.

Merx Solution: This is not an uncommon scenario – a small developer has a sound plan, but cannot access finance based on future value through the banks. And it is an example of where Merx is an ideal partner.

It didn’t take us long to understand what the client wanted to achieve – to increase the overall value of their property holdings so that they could sell one piece of it to reduce total borrowings. Based on our understanding of the client’s plan and the future value at completion, we advanced the required funds, $300,000, secured against the three properties in the client’s portfolio.

As noted above, this is a great example of a client with a smart objective and sound financials falling outside the mainstream bank thinking. Whereas at Merx, by applying our construction and property finance expertise and ability to lend based on future value, our client can complete the project, realise the increased value, and achieve their objective.


Client Scenario: As we all know, swift access to finance can be crucial in realising opportunities, and that was the case for a residential property developer we recently assisted. With a sound approach to development and an existing portfolio with equity, our client wanted to progress development on another project and contacted Merx for assistance.

Merx Solution: After reviewing our client’s portfolio and the planned value at the completion of the new project, we were more than comfortable advancing the required funds. Backed by a first mortgage security, we advanced $500,000 over a nine-month term, with repayment due at completion of the project.

Importantly, this is a great example of how Merx can quickly cut through the red tape for clients: Because we could quickly understand what they wanted to achieve and how they are going to make it happen, we could provide the required finance with limited controls. This meant that our client could get their project underway without the time delays and costs of things such as valuations, securing pre-sales, etc. While controls have an important role to play in managing risk, where the scenario allows – as in this case – we support clients by removing unnecessary barriers so they can get moving.

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