Wholesale investment: it’s all about alignment of interests

Alignment of interests is at the heart of the Merx Wholesale 1 Pie Trust proposition. Find out more here.
All about alignment of interests

It has been a few months since we introduced the Merx Wholesale 1 PIE Trust, a new opportunity for wholesale investors looking for long-term stable returns secured by local businesses and property assets. 

Thanks to one of its most powerful features – alignment of interests – the offering has already captivated the attention of a number of investor partners. Being invested alongside investors, our management team has ‘skin in the game’, which keeps our interest aligned with yours.

We have been live for five months now. Average returns to investors (net return pre-tax) to date has been 18.02% p.a.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and partnering with us to enable progress for local business owners and property professionals. Please get in touch with us direct to discuss or introduce other wholesale investors who might like to partner with us.


Alignment of interests is at the heart of the Merx Wholesale 1 Pie Trust proposition. We have our own money in this fund alongside our investors.

Learn more here and get in touch with any questions. 


“Few things are as valuable in the modern world as a good bullshit detector.” The Collaborative Fund blog is often a source of inspiration to us when it comes to making sense of long-term investing dynamics and the rules of the game. As we start a new year, we have enjoyed reviewing this list of “Little Rules About Big Things”. We hope you find some wisdom in this list also.

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