Alternative Top Ups for Property Development Finance.

Looking for finance for your property finance project? Times are changing and these days it can pay to think of your bank as one potential partner, but not the only option in town.
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Basel accords, capital allocations, property caps, portfolio concentration, market risk – whatever the reason you are hearing, the bottom line is that credit is not easy to find for property projects in this current market.

In this market, we are finding that a lot of players are having to jump through many more hoops in the assessment of project finance, and then find the process draws out too long or conclude that raising traditional finance is too difficult.

Changing times have also seen a number of alternative sources of property finance enter the market. These providers are experienced and flexible in the solutions they provide. Merx is one such example.

Anyone involved in property development – be that renovation, building houses on spec or full scale land development – can attest to the fact that even the best laid plans are at the mercy of project interruptions. Weather; delayed materials; unforseen issues… any number of variables can upset even the most well planned project, create delays and ultimately add cost to the development bottom line. And even on those dream jobs where it goes to plan, development budgets often need a top-up as the end of the project draws near.

At Merx, we specialise in property development finance for the finish line. We work with professional investors and developers who need a funding top-up to complete a project.

We’re experienced lenders that thrive on delivering smart finance – finance that is a tool for success, not ‘dumb debt’. We’re expert at structuring finance to suit the specific needs of the project, whether that’s leveraging portfolio equity or project profit. And perhaps most importantly, we’re fast; we wholly understand the impact of time on the bottom line in property development – if we think we can help, you’ll know with 48 hours.

We welcome you to get in touch if you need to assess your options for:

• Redevelopment projects 
• Refurbishment / renovation projects 
• New developments 
• Bridging finance

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