Don’t hold your idea to ransom.

Here’s the thing – a great business idea shouldn’t be held to ransom due to a lack of capital or cash flow.
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Of course, a heathy dose of pragmatic assessment is needed: Not every business idea is actually a great idea – some detached critical-thinking and research is a must to determine whether that 3am light-bulb really has what it takes.

But I think every Kiwi would agree that, as a culture, we’re proud of our ability for entrepreneurial-thinking and coming up with clever ideas that – with hard work and persistence – have the potential to turn into highly successful business ventures.

However, there seems to be a persisting belief that if the bank manager says “no”, the business idea is not worth progressing. Or alternatively, because the bank said “yes”, it was clearly a good idea!

Not true.

If you have an idea that’s been thoroughly tested and you know the world either needs it or wants it, I encourage you to make it happen.

There are many alternative sources of finance available for business owners. At Merx, we work with clients who are either beginning their business journey or are growing. Often the business metrics of clients in start-up or growth mode fall outside the criteria that banks work with. Regardless of whether the opportunity is worth pursuing or not.

But our clients have drive. They have strong ideas and an eye for opportunity. They know what they need to do to make things happen. A perfect fit for Merx.

We relish the opportunity to be a finance partner for entrepreneurial endeavours. We’re lateral-thinking, considered, finance experts who enjoy helping clients access the right finance, at the right time. We care about our client’s objectives. The real fun from our perspective is seeing the people we work with achieve their goals and capitalising on opportunity.

So, don’t hold your business idea to ransom. Never let a bank or finance provider be the judge of whether your plan has merit. If it’s good, you be the judge, find a good funding partner and make it happen.

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