Getting development projects to the starting gate

Overcoming challenges and seeing the opportunities ahead: this is where out-of-the-box solutions become invaluable.
Pre-development funding

With most of New Zealand being back on deck for another intense year, now is a good time to get strategic and set new goals for 2022, whilst also focusing on your health and wellbeing.

From a lending standpoint, the new CCCFA rules continue to dominate the landscape, making it challenging and time-consuming for business borrowers to raise funds through mainstream channels. Unless significant changes occur, we expect this environment to persist for the foreseeable future. But we also believe that astute entrepreneurs, with the help of experienced advisers, have the ability to overcome new and old challenges and see the opportunities ahead.

This is where out-of-the-box solutions, like our popular pre-development funding package, become invaluable. Find more details below, and please feel free to share this information with any clients who might benefit from it – we’re here to help.

Shaping up a development project in preparation for funding

Launched last year, our pre-development funding package has been well received by small property developers and investors looking at getting their projects in motion.

A simple and efficient proposition, Merx pre-development funding doesn’t require developers to fully define their plans, but just to demonstrate high-level project feasibility.

As always, we like to take a pragmatic approach.

To ascertain the feasibility of the development project, we look at: 

  • What the client is trying to achieve;
  • How undertaking the planned work will add value;
  • The expected timeline for achieving the next development milestones;
  • The client’s level of outstanding debt on their existing portfolio;
  • How the portfolio is performing, and whether it’s well-positioned to support their goals. 

Click here to download the offer details. 

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